Date: 8 November 2017

08-11-2017: Presentation Benefits and Concerns of RBI

On the 8th of November, Gerard van der Thiel presents “Benefits and Concerns of RBI” at the KIWA Inspecta Academy at the Gothia Hotel in Götenborg.

Date: 3 November 2017

03-11-2017: Working group Inspection Above ground Storage Tanks

Inventure Technologies facilitates the recommencement of the Working group Inspection Above ground Storage Tanks.

Date: 3 July 2017

Rob Boumans

Rob Boumans starts at Inventure Technologies in the position of Junior Asset Integrity Engineer.

Date: 31 May 2017

31-05, 01-06 and 15-06: Krohne Academy

Shared presentation by Robbert Boer (Kiwa Inspecta) and Gerard van der Thiel (Inventure) on Asset Health at the yearly Krohne Academy in resp. Middelburg, Dordrecht and Assen.

Date: 26 April 2017

StocExpo Dubai

Internationalization is one of the strategic objectives of Inventure Technologies. For this reason, Rindert Algra and Gerard van der Thiel visited the yearly StocExpo Middle East and Africa in Dubai. Additionally, they had several meetings with clients and interested organizations, co-organized by our agent Siged.

Date: 6 April 2017

Kick-off RBIT Academy

With the first Annual Meeting for users of the RBIT360 software for Tanks, Piping and Equipment, the kick-off of the RBIT Academy has become reality. With this initiative, Inventure Technologies wants to provide a platform for strengthening the knowledge, by sharing experiences with the users of RBIT software solutions. On the 6th of April, the participants were informed about recent developments and releases, such as RBIT360 Equipment, the RCM solution for components of the storage tanks that are not trendable (e.g.: pumps, valves, instrumentation, etc). Furthermore, the add-on to measure the roundness of the tank, the implementation of authorization roles for the users of the RBIT360 software and the add-on Venting Capacities were presented. In the final session, Jacco Rosendaal lead a discussion with the participants about future developments that Inventure Technologies has in mind, such as an integration module to achieve an integrated Asset Integrity Management and the NDO portal, in which great quantities of inspection data can be imported and processed in RBIT360 automatically.


Date: 11 January 2017

Changed licence structure for RBIT360

As of 2017, the licence structure of the RBIT360 software has been changed. In the old structure, the licence was divided over a site-licence and several user-licence and viewer-licence. After this change, the number of users per site-licence is unlimited. Of course only users who are formally announced by the site co-ordinator of the client are accepted as user for RBIT360. Moreover, the rights of the various users can be customized. This means that writing and reading rights in the software can be tailored to fit their role in the organization. For instance, the tank assessor who can see and change in all required screens he needs to analyse and report the status of a storage tank. or a trader, who can only view the availability of the storage tanks in the tank farm, or the manager who can view all the reports. In this way,  Inventure Technologies takes care that the software is presented to the user in a way that fits best to his position.

Date: 1 October 2016

Nienke de Jong leaves Inventure Technologies

We regret but were already expecting the resignation of our Marketing manager Nienke de Jong as of October 2016. The travelling distance and her growing family brought her to this difficult decision. We thank Nienke for the value she brought to Inventure as a Marketing Specialist pur sang. We wish her lots of success at her new company. Gerard will take over the marketing portfolio.

Date: 15 September 2016

Release notes RBIT360

API653 standard added to perform an assessment accordingly
Including Foundation measurements with the subtype Bulges. The norm used for the study calculations is shown in the Study status in the tab Summary.

Coating indication floor specifications Tank definition tab
The specification ‘Coated’ now also has the options internally, externally and internally and externally.

Data analysis improvement to selecting Corrosion rate and PCA
Multiple selection or deselection of both CR and/or PCA made possible

A major part of the reports section of the application has been redesigned. Most tabs from RBI-Analysis now have a counterpart in Reports. The details per tank are also available in the same tab.

Date: 23 August 2016

Newsletter Pressure-equipment

Alongside Integrity & Reliability management for  Storage Tank Farms, Inventure Technologies offers also Integrity Services for Pressure-Equipment.

Whenever the As Built specifications, or documentations of an older Pressure Vessel are missing, it is quite difficult to determine the fitness for purpose and the remaining lifetime after an inspection.

Date: 15 July 2016

Gerard van der Thiel

Today Gerard van der Thiel joined Inventure Technologies in the role as business manager. He will concentrate on sales and marketing.

Date: 16 June 2016

Management Events Bussum

Inventure has participated to the annual Management Events conference in Bussum (NL). Jacco Rosendaal and Jan Teun Koningen have met several managers of companies outside the Storage Tank Sector. For Inventure this is important due to the development of RBIT360 Equipment and our RCM approach.

Date: 9 June 2016

FETSA Annual General Meeting 2016

Jacco Rosendaal, managing director and founder of Inventure-Technologies has participated to the FETSA meeting in Antwerp. He has been able to gain information about the world-wide developments in the Tank Storage sector.

Date: 14 May 2016

New Licence structure RBIT360

In the second half of 2016, Inventure Technologies will change the license structure of the RBIT 360 software solution. This structure follows the modules of RBIT360: Tanks, Piping and Equipment. In principle, there are licenses for Asset Management (Inventure Technologies manages the tanks, pipes and/or equipment on behalf of the client, client owns and can view the data) and for Asset Integrity Management (client manages the tanks, pipes and equipment and has full-user access). There will be one license per tankfarm/terminal and they will run for one year as of January. Today for RBIT360 also two Add-ons are available: BoBo and Venting Capacity.

Date: 25 April 2016

RBIT360 Equipment

Tank storage companies do not only have tanks. There are close to, or attached to the tanks also many  equipment’s like pumps, valves, etc. In the RBI process, these equipment’s are normally not included however they also have risks, failure-effects and inspection and maintenance terms. This is the reason why Inventure technologies has decided toe expand the RBIT360 software with an Equipment module. This module was based upon the FMECA (Failure Mode Effect & Criticality Analysis) process and the RCM (Reliability Cantered Maintenance) model. Together with the Tanks and Piping module RBIT360 had become an total solution for the complete tank storage company.

Date: 12 January 2016

Jan Teun Koningen

Regarding the development of RBIT360 Equipment and the RCM process around it, Jan Teun Koningen has joined the Inventure team as Subject-matter expert.

Date: 30 July 2014

Fire in storage tanks Tripoli, Libya

On Monday July 28, 2014, the NOS published a news item about the Libyan government that requested international assistance, after a storage tank near Tripoli airport was hit by a missile.

The igniting of a second tank has increased the risk of an explosion. The Libyan government warned of the risk of a humanitarian and environmental disaster. Firefighters have been unable to put out the initial fire and therefor locals within a perimeter of three kilometers have been requested to leave the area.

Date: 23 November 2013

Congratulations to Nuplex and Ashland!

At the end of October Inventure finalised the EEMUA validation project for the storage tank RBI manual at both Nuplex Resins and Ashland Industries. Not only the implementation document of the RBI methodology, but also the RBI handbook and the RBI software have been validated by EEMUA. Both companies are allowed to use the term ‘EEMUA compliant’ in their documentation. With this validation Nuplex and Ashland are able to prove to the authority that the used methodology to assess tanks and to secure the information, meet with the standards set in laws and regulations. An important part of this project has been the implementation of the RBI methodology by our asset integrity engineers: ‘From Office to Operation’.

A great result, Nuplex en Ashland congratulations!

“We faced the challenge to find a methodology to assess our storage tanks in a short period of time. We found this methodology at Inventure Technologies. Within 6 weeks the consultants of IT were able to interpret the inspection data and to analyze these data with their software . At the same time the RBI manual was written based upon the situation at Nuplex. Nuplex appreciates the hard work of the Inventure team to make the validation possible.”
Bas den Hollander, Manager Maintenance & Engineering EMEA – Nuplex Resins

…Read more

Date: 23 November 2013

Launch RB-IT 360° – 1st quarter 2014

Over the past few months we have been very busy! Our Software Development Team has been working very hard on a new RB-IT software suite. The expectation is that this new suite, with the name RB-IT 360°, will be launched early 2014! With RB-IT 360° we offer a total Asset Integrity Management concept. What to expect? RB-IT as you know it, however completely restyled, a new engine and new excellent opportunities! For RB-IT 360° combines our current separate asset management modules, TBI, RBI and RCM, for tanks and terminal piping. Of course we will keep you informed about the developments.

Click here for a preview of our Asset Management Software Suite RB-IT 360°!

Date: 23 November 2013

Inventure Technologies to the UK!

With the objective to expand the market to the UK, Inventure Technologies participated in the Tank Storage Association Conference & Expo in Coventry that took place on September 19, 2013. The event, with the theme ‘Safe and Effective Bulk Liquid Storage’, was attended by over 400 people, mainly from the tank storage sector. With our bright colored and well-known conference stand Inventure Technologies attracted a lot of attention of the visitors. In the stand our integrity consultants demonstrated the RB-IT Tank Integrity Software, to which the responses were very positive and enthusiastic.

Date: 23 November 2013

RBI and a reliable remaining lifetime analysis

One of the remarks we hear a lot is that companies do not want to implement RBI due to the fact that historical data is missing. For that reason Time Based terms are maintained. However, the objective is to determine the inspection term. Important is to determine the remaining lifetime (how long will the asset still operate safely?) and a company will have to prove to the authorities that the chosen term can be achieved safely. Neither with a Time Based, nor with a Risk Based approach a correct term can be determined without this reliable remaining lifetime analysis. …Read more

Date: 14 October 2013

First participation TSA Conference & Exhibition in Coventry a great success!

The combined conference and exhibition with the theme “Safe and effective bulk storage” was attended by over 400 people. Given the program of the conference, it was clear that also in the UK compliance and integrity are highly important items in the industrial sector. Our brightly colored Inventure Technologies booth attracted many visitors.

In the booth our specialized consultants demonstrated the RB-IT Tank Integrity software and the Piping Integrity software, which was responded to with great enthusiasm.

New contacts lead us to explore the possibilities for multiple projects with the aim of determining the status and remaining life calculations of terminals.

In short, a good first introduction to the petrochemical industry beyond the Dutch borders!

Date: 8 July 2013

Renewed RB-IT Piping Integrity Software

Inventure Technologies improved the Piping Integrity Software. The software program has been developed to determine the condition and the remaining lifetime of terminal piping. The program is fully compliant with important industrial standards and guidelines (API 570/571, ASME B31.3) and the analyses contribute to the optimisation of the safety and the reliability of piping. …Read more

Date: 8 July 2013

Validation EEMUA – Q8

At the end of June, Inventure finalised the EEMUA validation project for the storage tank RBI manual at Q8. Both the implementation document of the RBI methodology, the RBI handbook and the RBI software have been validated by EEMUA. In the meantime Q8 did receive the EEMUA Certificate of Compliance.

A great result, Q8 congratulations! …Read more

Date: 8 July 2013

Inspection plan storage tanks – Sachem Europe

Recently the project at Sachem Europe in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands was completed. For all storage tanks on this plant an inspection and reassessment plan has been established. At the same time the ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ level has been determined based on the applicable legislation, standards and assessment guidelines: the Commodities Act Decree pressure equipment, the PGS 29 and the PGS 30. These plans, together with the ‘Fit-for-Purpose’-analysis and a description of the methodology, have been offered to the authorities, the Province of Gelderland, The Netherlands.

Date: 8 July 2013

Inventure Team

Over the past 6 months Inventure worked hard on multiple innovations and new projects. In the meantime the Piping Integrity Software has been improved and we are working on a new version of the RB-IT Tank Integrity Software. Besides that the Inventure team has been renewed. We would like to introduce you to our new team members: Ruud Nagel, Asset Integrity Engineer; Roeland Havinga, Project Manager Software Development; Heleen van Meeuwen, Asset Integrity Consultant and Corrosion Specialist and Janine Meertens, Office Manager. For more information visit the team page on our website.

Date: 8 July 2013

TSA Conference & Exhibition – Coventry, 19 September 2013

19 September, 2013, Inventure will participate for the first time in the Tank Storage Association Conference & Exhibition that will be held this year in Coventry, United Kingdom.

The exhibition will feature sixty two companies showcasing their bulk liquid storage industry related products and services. Inventure will demonstrate the RB-IT Tank Integrity Software. The attendants are able to have a look at the software and use it personally.

On behalf of Inventure we would like to invite you and we are able to offer you an interesting discount. Click here for the invitation.

Date: 8 July 2013

European Bulk Liquid Storage 2013

30 & 31 Oktober 2013, Rotterdam/The Netherlands

Sieger Koops, Technical Manager, will participate on behalf of Inventure Technologies in this conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He will give a presentation in “Operations and Maintenance of Bulk Liquid Storage”.

For more information about this event and the key topics of the presentation, please have a look at the brochure. If you would like to participate in this event, please contact us. We are able to arrange an interesting discount on the conference ticket.

Date: 12 September 2012

RBI at Q8 Petroleum

Since May 2011 Inventure Technologies has been executing the RBI facilitation for multiple factories of the Q8 refinery in Rotterdam. The objective is to realize an inspection and maintenance regime based upon a thorough risk analysis. Part of the project is to establish flexible inspection terms for furnaces. Several of these risk analysis have already been transmitted to and approved by the authorities.  …Read more

Date: 16 August 2012

A first: Inventure implementating a RBI methodology & RBI Software validated by EEMUA

Inventure implemented an officially EEMUA approved RBI methodology at a tank storage company in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With this, Inventure’s RB-IT Tank Integrity Software, RBI methodology and inspection plan as part of the RBI implementation, have also been officially approved by EEMUA.

The customer already received the official certificate, as the second company in the world. More news about the implementation will follow.

Date: 16 August 2012

Product Change Module now available in RB-IT

The latest add-on in RB-IT is the Product Change Module. At commercial tank terminals product changes are very common. The impact of these changes can be processed efficiently with this add-on, resulting in easy managing the integrity and the inspections of the storage tanks. Due to this practical module in RB-IT the consequences of the product change are measured in a fast and easy way. The module includes a corrosion database of all specific substances and the result of these products to the degradation of steel. In the database all measurements and data of the degradation of the storage tanks, containing a product during a specific period, are added regularly.


Date: 16 August 2012

New website live!

As of today the new Inventure Technologies website is live, with a new look & feel and a fully up to date content. Important objective is to provide you as a visitor with the requested information in a quick and easy way. Feel free to register for our newsletter. We will make sure to keep you informed about the latest developments. Also on the homepage we will regularly post news and innovations.




Date: 12 March 2012

Team Inventure Technologies

Last year Inventure Technologies expanded considerably. At present we employ a multi-disciplinary team of experienced asset integrity specialists and maintenance engineers, ready to assist our clients in reaching their goals. We not only invest in selecting highly qualified engineers, we also invest in further personal and professional development. Our engineers attend various short trainings and seminars, following an IKT3 course
and one of our engineers is obtaining his Master in Maintenance & Asset Management. Find more details about our employees at

Date: 12 March 2012

StocExpo 2012

Also this year we will be present at the StocExpo, Europe’s leading international event for the tank terminal industry which will take place 13,14 & 15 March 2012 at the Ahoy Expo in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At stand 162 Inventure Technologies will demonstrate the innovative
and successful RB-IT software package that has been designed specifically to execute RBI studies effectively and to schedule maintenance activities for storage tanks. Our experienced maintenance engineers offer you the possibility to test the software and they  are available to inform you about the multiple solutions for your terminal.

We look forward to meeting you at our stand!

Date: 29 August 2011

EEMUA special regional forum Benelux

the ‘Engineering Equipment and Materials Association’ (EEMUA) organises on September 22, 2011 a special regional forum in Ridderkerk,near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The theme is ‘safe and effective asset management’.

The event is open for operation, engineering and process safety managers in petrochemical, energyutilities and oher companies that manage industrial assets. It is a great opportunity for you to be informed by EEMUA members and plant operators about their preferred method.

…Read more

Date: 29 August 2011

RBI studies furnaces at BP

Recently Inventure Technologies performed a risk assessment on 6 furnaces at BP Refinery Rotterdam. The 6 furnaces are crude, kerosine and naptha/hydrogen. Since May 2011 the PRD provides via quire 2.3 for a periodical re-assessment the possibility to extend the fixed term to 4 or even 6 years due to a risk assessment. The stop-interval can be extended to over 4 years wether or not in combination with term extension of term flexibilidation. The extensive analysis focusses on the operational aspects, the safety systems and the natural degradations such as creep, sulphidic corrosion and cracking. …Read more

Date: 29 August 2011

RB-IT at Odfjell Terminal Rotterdam

Inventure Technologies is currently working on a RBI project at Odfjell Terminal Rotterdam. Approximately 300 storage tanks are analysed and implemented in a risk driven maintenance program. Next tot the risk analysis with a determined reliable operation term, the maintenance and inspection scopes are determined and a financial forecast will me made. Inventure’s RB-IT Software package will be used. Both in the past as well as in the current time, a lot of energy is put in the efficient and effective maitenance of storage tanks, minimising the riks of incidents. With a profound, risk driven analysis one is able to be accountable to the government.

…Read more

Date: 9 April 2011

Inventure course RBI & the practical Implementation

In cooperation with IIR and Lloyds Register the first course ‘RBI & Practical Implementation’ will be organised in June 2010. Focus of this 5-days course (5 weeks in total) will be the implementation, as the title of the course already indicates. The course is characterised by the hands-on approach with the attention to the software package ‘Capstone’. A unique opportunity to learn and work with an RBI software with real cases, free of charge.


Date: 9 February 2011

See for yourself what makes RB-IT so special at the StocExpo 2011

Visit Inventure Technologies during the StocExpo 2011 in Ahoy Rotterdam! THE event for Europe’s Tank Terminal industry. You can find us on stand no. 190 where you can see for yourself what makes RB-IT so special.

Amaze yourself about the fact that gaining insight in your terminal/tankfarm can be so fast and cost-effective. Experience first-hand how our software handles things like remaining lifetime, future activities and costs, inspection plans etc.

Date: 9 February 2011

Unique cooperation offers interesting possibilities

Inventure has recently started a unique cooperation with IIRS Benelux. By connecting their Tank terminal maintenance management system, Temiq and their Pocket-LRS inspections application with RB-IT, a unique application emerges that covers both the operational side as well as the maintenance engineering side. The operational part for example includes creating inspection workpacks, set up inspection rounds, data gathering using easy-to-use pocket pc’s, going through checklists, task lists etc. …Read more

Date: 9 February 2011

Add-on for terminal piping

After the successful Tank module and the Capex/Opex module (budget forecasting), a new addon is available for terminal / tankfarm piping. With it also the inspection, budgeting & maintenance of piping can be managed.

The same norms and guidelines are used as with process-piping in the refining & chemical industry albeit through a simpler, more suitable approach. The interface is very similar to the storage tanks interface and enables the user to define and analyse various monitoring locations. The module is also suitable for carrying out and securing CUI inspection programs, deadlegs and drips & drains programs.

Date: 2 August 2010

RBI study result: Skip shutdown!

Recently, Martin Ideler finished his first RBI project of a chemical plant that produces Acetone, IPA and MIBK amongst others. The plant consists of 7 units, approximately 300 pieces of equipment and over 2000 pipeline systems. The RBI study has revealed that without elevating the risk in economical and HSE categories, the inspection interval could be increased to 8 years. Up until now the plant was operated on a 4-year cycle. In practise this means that a shutdown can be skpped!

Date: 2 August 2010

RBI driven inspection plans

Inventure carried out a project to create a sound translation from RBI results of a resin producing chemical factory to a streamlined inspection plan. Part of this project was the determination of ‘Must-Get’ thickness monitoring locations on each corrosion circuit and using these for trending-analysis. Also the CUI program received an update based on inspection evaluations from the last shutdown.

Date: 2 August 2010

RB-IT application for Storage Tanks

Inventure developed a new and unique application designed to easily conduct RBI studies on storage tanks. The study is completely based on EEMUA 159. Next to that the application is also able to perform CAPEX/OPEX analysis, generates forecasts and simulates ‘What If’ scenario’s in which the impact of repairs or modifications can be assessed.

Date: 9 April 2010

Nomination ‘Maintenance Talent of the Year’

Jacco Rosendaal has been nominated by the NVDO (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Doelmatig Onderhoud) for the title ‘Maintenance Talent of the Year’. To this end already an extended interview appeared in the October 2009 issue of the ‘Industrial Maintenance’ magazine. The actual election is scheduled for June 17th. As industrial maintenance innovators, Inventure Technologies is proud to have the ‘Talent of the Year’ in their ranks. We will do our best to maintain this level in the future.

Date: 9 April 2010

Finished cutting-edge NDT development

In the past 1.5 years Inventure Technologies has contributed to the development of the revolutionary ´Rayscan´ (TM) at Applus RTD. This is a device for examining girth-welds of pipelines. It uses a relatively new technology called real-time digital radiography.

Inventure provided an extensive market survey that molded the outline of the development. As a follow-up, Inventure also took on the project-management and functional design of the prototype. In january 2010 the new manchine was tested and qualified by clients and notified bodies. They judged it ‘the best solution out there’. The first project is scheduled for later this year.

Date: 9 April 2010

Van 4 naar 8 jaar turnaround

Inventure Technologies heeft eind 2009 de laatste hand gelegd aan de RBI facilitatie van een chemische fabriek. Aan de hand van deze RBI studie is het shutdown interval verlengd van 4 naar 8 jaar. Dit betekent in de praktijk dus dat een inspectiestop kan worden overgeslagen! Hier komt nog bij dat het inspectieplan ook verder gestroomlijnd is waarmee ook weer kostenbesparingen zijn gerealiseerd. Door de grondige analyse zijn geen concessies gedaan aan de intregriteit van de fabriek en ongeplande downtime is dan ook niet te verwachten.

Date: 22 July 2009

Maintenance Innovation

Bent u beniewd of dat nieuwe innovatieve onderhoudsconcept daardwerkelijk succesvol zal zijn en hoe dat het beste aangepakt kan worden? Een solide markt analyse is daarbij erg belangrijk. Wij voeren deze analyses uit en zijn ook zeer ervaren met het daaropvolgende projectmanagement ter realisering van het succes.

Date: 22 July 2009

RBI Facilitators & Engineers

Een van de voordelen van ons kleine bedrijf is dat we ‘lean and mean’ zijn. We bieden RBI facilitators, ingenieurs, RBI studies en training aan tegen zeer aantrekkelijke tarieven. Eén van onze turn-key dienstverleningen is RBI met behulp van EEMUA 159 voor opslagtanks. De assessments kunnen worden uitgevoerd met onze eigen software.

Date: 22 July 2009

From Office to Operation

We leggen niet alleen de nadruk op innovatie maar ook op de implementatie daarvan. Een goed voorbeeld van onze toegevoegde waarde is in onze Risk Based Inspectie projecten. We voeren niet alleen de studie uit maar dragen er ook zorg voor dat de resultaten geimplementeerd worden in gestroomlijnde inspectieplannen. Doorgaans gaat dit in nauwe samenwerking met de inspectiedienst van de klant.

Date: 22 July 2009

Meet Inventure Technologies

Inventure Technologies is een nieuwe, snel groeiende organisatie gespecialiseerd in innovatie op onderhoudsgebied in de olie en gas industrie. We ontwikkelen, assisteren en faciliteren in innovatieve processen en zijn in het bijzonder sterk op het gebied van RBI en onderhoudsgerelateerde methodieken. Inventure Technologies is opgericht door Rindert Algra en Jacco Rosendaal. We houden u op de hoogte van onze ontwikkelingen in een halfjaarlijkse nieuwsbrief.