Storage tanks

The Netherlands

Vopak Netherlands – RBI Implementation program

Where: The Netherlands

In 2014 Royal Vopak in close co-operation with Inventure Technologies have started the RBI Tanks Program. The first project in this program consists of bringing all tank terminals of Vopak in the Netherlands under a Risk Based Inspection regime. The program aims at assuring the integrity of the tanks, demonstrating compliance to all relevant laws and regulations and operating the tank farms efficiently.

Robin Essenius, Program Manager Tanks of Royal Vopak is content with the co-operation between Vopak and Inventure Technologies:

“Vopak started several years ago with an implementation of RBI based upon EEMUA 159 at a limited number of terminals. The results lead to a convincing view upon the added value of RBI, also for the other terminals. Because of the enormous variation of tank types and degradation mechanisms it is not an easy job to manage this all-in-one system. In 2014 we started working together with Inventure Technologies to roll-out RBI on a broader scale within Vopak. The combination of the RBIT360 software and the expertise of Inventure Technologies consultants, combined with our own team, enabled us to start implementing RBI for all terminals in the Netherlands.

We are looking forward to implement the rest of the program together with Inventure Technologies.”


RBI Storage tanks

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek

For a storage tank company in Rotterdam, Inventure executed a RBI project, executing an RBI assessment on all storage tanks. The method as well as the RBI manual have been approved by EEMUA.


Consultancy Tank Maintenance

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek

On the basis of a RBI assessment a maintenance planning has been composed in Inventure’s RB_IT software package. This planning is risk-based for the coming years. In this the current legislation, repair/replace decisions, inspection interval extension and future Capex/Opex processes are taken into account.


RCM facilitation storage tanks

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek

The RCM study has been executed in which, via FMECA’s, safety-critical items were allocated with a review and a maintenance regime in Condition Based Maintenance, Failure Based Maintenance, Plant Preventive Maintenance and Condition Based Maintenance – Maintenance Task.


Business Case: Replacing external floating roof storage tanks

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek

The costs for replacing the floating roof have been set off against the costs and advantages of a dome roof in combination with an inner float.


RBI storage tanks refinery + RBI Workshops

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek

For the entire tank park a RBI assessment was executed, including a full risk-based maintenance planning for the coming years. With this the downtime of the tanks had been reduced and a cost-effective substantiation regarding the maintenance of the storage tanks was given.

Raffinaderij Botlek

Fitness-for-service analysis

Where: Raffinaderij Botlek

A software module has been developed, calculating multiple rejection criteria for the wind load and the roof load of a storage tank.


Audit Storage tanks

Where: Antwerpen

The RBI system has been audited and solutions have been proposed to better implement the results and to improve the accuracy of the assessments.

Refineries & Chemical plants


RBI facilitation lubricating oil unit

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek

As part of the program to operate the refinery on a long shutdown term, a RBI study has been executed on a lubricating oil unit. The possibility of failure has been determined based upon individual corrosion rates per pipe and per container. On all equipment a separate risk assessment has been executed, resulting in a detailed  understanding of the inspection terms and the remaining lifetime of the lubricating oil unit. Due to the fact that these units showed little degradation, it was possible to operate the full unit on a long inspection term. It should be noted that for the furnaces a different process has been started with the objective to enable term flexibility in accordance with PRD 2.3.


Continuous RBI facilitation refinery and Chemical plant in Botlek

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek

Already for some years Inventure is executing RBI projects at a refinery and chemical plant in the Botlek (Rotterdam). In association with specialists of various disciplines of the customer, risk analyses are executed on the static equipment of each individual plant. In workshops the degradation is mapped, based on the inspection history and the process conditions. Also the consequences of failure are determined in the field of economy, health & safety and environment. Due to the multidisciplinary approach and the software that is used, sufficient depth is guaranteed. The results of the workshops are used to determine the inspection terms. Often it appears that the inspection terms can be extended while an acceptable level of integrity is maintained. As a result some plants can be put on a longer stop interval. In this process it is necessary to demonstrate to the government that all risks have been indicated. For this RBI is the right instrument. At the refinery and the chemical plant, multiple plants have gone from a 4-year stop interval to a 6-year and even an 8-year stop interval, resulting in large cost savings for the customer.


RBI furnaces – request term flexibility

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek

Based on a RBI study a request for term flexibility has been executed to operate the furnaces on a flexible inspection term, in accordance with PRD 2.3.



Pilot France – RBI storage tanks

Where: Marseille/France




Pilot Antwerp – RBI storage tanks

Where: Antwerpen/Belgie




Pilot – RBI storage tanks + wind girder assessment

Where: Rotterdam/Botlek




Pilot Amsterdam – RBI storage tank

Where: Amsterdam