Inventure Academy


Inventure Technologies provides general training on various levels of their Asset Integrity Management System as well as dedicated and customized training on various subjects. Next to that, Inventure Technologies organizes the annual ‘Inventure Academy Day’. To this event, all users of the Inventure Asset Integrity Management System are freely invited for a day of general training in all new developments of the past year, and for a discussion meeting about the road ahead for next year’s developments.

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A training in progress

Knowledge corner

Over the years, Inventure Technologies has gathered a large amount of valuable information on many subjects regarding the Asset Integrity Management of storage tanks and Tank Parks. This knowledge is secured in Inventure Technologies Knowledge Corner and made available to Inventure’s Consultants & Engineers. Users of RBIT360 will be allowed access to this database.

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User group forum

Join fellow users of RBIT360° to discuss topics. Ask questions, provide answers, launch discussions, share knowledge.