This part of the system allows the Tank Owner to gain control of the integrity of the piping on the terminal. It has been set up in such a way that a larger number of pipelines can be structured easily in terms of inspection and maintenance.

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Example of piping on a tank park


The implementation of an Asset Integrity Management system requires a thorough approach. It is important to operate an Asset Integrity Management System with sufficient commitment and engagement in order to obtain sufficient quality and reliability. Our advice: Do this properly or don’t do it at all.

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Continuous Asset Integrity Management

Once the Piping Integrity Management System is in place and all line-items have been assessed once, the system will automatically generate an annual Inspection Plan. The results of these inspections (NDT measurement readings) have to be inserted into the RBIT360 Piping software and the analyses will have to be updated consequently. The system will automatically establish the next inspection date and the required actions to remain Fit for Service.

The piping maintenance plan
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