Awareness training

A typical training of about 2-3 hours that discusses the intended purpose of an integrity management system. What is the added value to the organization? How does it work? What does the implementation involve? What is going to happen? What can you expect?

A training in progress

4-5 day Customised training for implemented Tank Integrity System

This training is intended for Tank Owners that have a system in place and want to train other or new employees in the use of this system. Be aware that this training is customized to match the content of each Tank Owners system. The training is set up as follows:

  • Day 1

    morning: Introduction Asset Integrity Management, Tank definition & Degradation mechanisms

    afternoon: Practice with RBIT360 - building components and adding parameters, using notes, up/downloading tank files, operational history

  • Day 2

    morning: Monitoring degradation, inspection plans, judging data, applying corrections, using values, visual inspections, coatings, analyzing graph data

    afternoon: Practice with RBIT360: Inspection data judging, sorting & entering

  • Day 3

    morning: degradation limits, fit for purpose

    morning: Practice with RBIT360: set degradation limits

    afternoon: RBI analysis

    afternoon: Practice with RBIT360: performing a risk analysis

  • Day 4

    morning: Tank assessment, alternatives, detailed engineering, control measures, calculated values, supporting docs, typicals & activities

    afternoon: Practice with RBIT360: tank assessment, conclusions, adding activities

  • Day 5

    morning: Practice with RBIT360: review & reporting

    morning: Local implementation, RBIT team, Validation, evergreening, tank scoping

Yearly general walk-in training for Tank Integrity System

Inventure Technologies currently organizes a general Asset Integrity training (not customized). This training occurs once a year and is available to everyone who would like to refresh their knowledge. It generally follows the same outline as the customized version.

Academy Day

Once a year, Inventure Technologies invites all users of RBIT360 to our office in Delft. During this afternoon we present new additions and functionalities in our software. Furthermore, we engage in active discussion with our clients on what our development focus should be for the following year.

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