Who we are


Inventure Technologies is a service provider for the maintenance sector of the Oil & Gas Industry. Inventure delivers Asset Integrity Management Systems for liquid bulk storage . Its services consist of the RBIT360 Software as a Service platform, accompanied with consultancy services to enable implementation and actualization of the system and the broader continuous support of our clients in this area.

Inventure Technologies has its main office in Delft and subsidiaries in Dubai and Singapore. Inventure is a professional, technology-driven and innovative service provider with like-minded employees. Our staff is selected on criteria such as attitude, motivation and skills. Furthermore, they receive intensive coaching in their personal development in order to enable their continuous improvement. This is in the interest of the employee, of the client and of Inventure Technologies.

Inventure Technologies

Our target market

Inventure Technologies operates in the Tank storage market. This market is segmented as follows:

  • Commercial Tank Parks: Companies that own Tank Parks, and rent out the available storage capacity to third parties;
  • Tank Parks that belong to Refineries and upstream facilities: These Tank Parks provide the required bulk storage facilities for incoming and outgoing logistical streams of product. This includes intermediate storage between production steps and for contingency storage;
  • Tank Parks that belong to Chemical plants that provide bulk storage of feed stock, intermediate product and end product.
A group of tanks by nightfall


At Inventure Technologies, quality is of the highest importance. Inventure operates in a niche market where the world is quite small. In this world good reviews are essential and key drivers for success. Inventure is very much aware of the fact that mistakes cannot be afforded. Therefore, Inventure continuously invests in the upkeep of the implemented Asset Integrity Management Systems at our clients. We do this to make sure the system does what has been promised and provides what our client needs. An important instrument to this end are the periodical sanity checks on our clients’ data. These are periodical checks with our clients using specific software developments that are designed to prevent mistakes and that provide assistance to the user.

Quality checks


Inventure Technologies was founded in 2008. It started off as a consultancy provider. In 2010, Inventure developed a software platform, initially to support its consultancy services. Soon, our clients at the time, became interested in the software platform, which was baptized RBIT. Over time, our RBIT application has been extended in accordance with the Vision of Inventure Technologies and in close co-operation with its clients. In 2012, this lead to the launch of RBIT2, which became very popular because of all attention of media and legal License to Operate issues.

Inventure appeared to ride a large wave of corrective measures that were taken by the industry in the Netherlands. New clients entered the community and Inventure grew rapidly. In 2013, RBIT Piping was launched and in 2014 the current RBIT360 platform. This platform is broader, more robust and of a more professional quality to comply to growing market demands. Also the IT security level has been improved. To date, this platform is continuously developed and improved in close co-operation with our clients.

These developments went hand in hand with a growing knowledge and awareness of Asset Integrity Management for the Tank storage sector. These insights have been used and/or copied by EEMUA159 and PGS29 and other bodies many times.

In 2016 Inventure changed from a Consultancy, to a Service provider that delivers software services and supporting consultancy. The two are and remain closely connected. In the vision of Inventure, the one cannot exist without the other. Software is the engine, but the engine cannot work properly without the driver. Inventure sees a growing requirement in supporting services at clients in the tank storage sector. Inventure Consultants bring the required knowledge and are specialized. This enables them to work fast and professionally and deliver high quality work.

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