The implementation of an Asset Integrity Management system requires a thorough approach. It is important to operate an Asset Integrity Management System with sufficient commitment and engagement in order to obtain sufficient quality and reliability. Our advice: Do this properly or don’t do it at all.

Piping Integrity Management Handbook

The implementation of the Asset Integrity System for piping includes:

  1. An awareness session for all staff involved in the project. This session is about 2-3 hours long and explains the general philosophy behind the system, what is in it for them and what can be expected from the system.

  2. The Formulation of a Piping Integrity Management Handbook. Together with the organization of the Tank Owner, the Inventure Technologies Default Piping Integrity Management Handbook will be customized. This usually requires 4 to 6 sessions, depending on discussion and required alterations.

    The Piping Integrity Management Handbook includes:

    1. Asset (piping) breakdown structure (P&ID’s, Isometrics, Products, Materials, Diameters, As built, etc.
    2. Corrosion Monitoring Locations
    3. Corrosion groups
    4. Degradation mechanisms
    5. NDT and Inspection/monitoring guidelines
    6. Assessment guidelines
    7. Rejection criteria;
    8. RASCI & Organization
    9. Software Service
    10. Various supporting technical documents
  1. Configuration of the software and potentially the development of required customized functionality.

  2. Optional validation by a third party. In some cases it can be requested by the authorities to have the system validated by a third party to advise the authority on compliancy and applicability of the Asset Integrity Management System to certain codes and standards.

  3. The data collection. Gathering all required data according to the Handbook.

  4. Establishment of Corrosion Loops per pipe line.

  5. Analysis of the assembled data.

Piping overview of a refinery
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