Continuous Asset Integrity Management

Once this system is implemented it will start generating schedules and high level work scopes to be executed. These are generated each year for the first year ahead and the following years. Work scopes need to be prepared, NDT companies supervised, repair scenario’s formulated, alternatives investigated, business cases formulated and of course the Asset Integrity Management System needs to be updated and actualized with new data. New data could be new inspection readings, product changes, modifications, operational changes, etc.

The implementation of the Asset Integrity Management System for tanks includes:

  1. Support the execution of the tank strategy. For example formulate repair-scopes, supervise inspections., control data, work preparation, etc.
  2. Update the Asset Integrity Management System with new inspection- and maintenance data and formulate or update the tank strategy.
  3. Technical asset management involves all the maintenance actions necessary to keep the tank in the condition desired by the asset owner. The general process of tank scoping is pictured below.
Working in the field
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